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Video Links


Highly recommended videos, containing a powerful educational message to help detour texting and distracted driving. Please watch with your child and have a conversation about the consequences.

**Warning some of these videos are Graphic and can be disturbing**

Don't Text While Driving Documentary…

The last text…

If your texting your not driving

Consequences of a nice new phone…

**Distracted driving…**

The difference in 5 miles an hour…

Did you see the motorcycle?…

Dear mom & dad!!!

**It was just a couple of drinks…**


Michigan SOS…  a useful information link for driver training and driver license

Schedule an Appointment - Michigan SOS… schedule an appointment to get your Level 1 License.

Operation life save… Railroad crossing safety

U.S. Department of Transportation… website on distracted driving to raise awareness and provide information

Checkpoints program… This website provides parents information to help keep teens safe while they learn how to drive

Stopped Sheriffs Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers Program

Michigian traffic crash facts… Want to know the high risk age groups or most prevalent type of accident in your city??

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